Interview with artist Aunia Kahn - 1.part

Hello dear friends, today we will hide in a secret closet somewhere between miracles and day dreaming in a place full of wonder together with amazing artist Aunia Kahn. Enjoy reading :)

Hello dear Aunia, please, tell us a little about you and how did you find the artist inside you. How long have you been doing art?

I have been making something since I can remember. I have always been able to find the artist or creative in me. It’s like air; it just helps me live everyday. As a professional that was not that long ago, I was encouraged by a friend to show publically when my work was really just for personal consumption. After my first show I was hooked on how I felt, and how I saw others digest my work. There was something fulfilling in making a connection to people through expression.

What was / is your major influences? Other artists, books, movies, music or any other media....What inspires you to create your artworks?

I am influenced by everything from music, books, and life experiences. There is always something new that I am influenced by. I am always evolving about what makes me feel the desire to create. I often like to daydream, that helps me. I find some of my best ideas come from staring at the sky.

How does "a normal day of artist" in your life look like?

I am pretty simple! I get up, hang out with my dogs and make art, work on projects, and try and keep myself balanced with yummy food and exercise. When I am not working on projects I love to be anywhere that’s outside or places that aid in my love of learning about new things.

What medium do you most often use and why?

I am mostly digital based. I was drawn to the aspects of digital when I started as a graphic designer for a record label I owned years ago, and it grew into something else as I explored the medium. I saw what the medium had to offer on so many platforms, from design, to websites, art, illustration, publishing, etc. It’s my main source of creative expression; similarly I love all mediums and want to keep exploring all types.

How would you describe your (pop) surreal style? What themes do you pursue?

I am not sure I would define myself as a Pop Surrealist, I am not sure what I do has any category it fits in. Maybe it does, yet I am not quite aware. My artwork themes are based on real life emotion and how I live in the world around me. My first works from years ago dealt with child abuse, then I moved on to touch on subjects like politics, medical issues, addiction, healing, and so much more. It’s always something new. It often surprises me what I am doing, since half the time I don’t really think it out, it just happens.

What fascinates you the most about (pop) surrealism? What "(pop) surreal art” means to you as an artist?

The fact that I still have no idea how to take an artwork and classify it makes this question hard. Since not being formally trained I look at art as art and not genre specific. Even if I did know, I still would rather just see it as organic creative genius. Overall, I love the idea of art and people just doing what they love.

What do you love most about creating? What does “being creative” mean to you?

The thing that I love the most is being able to express myself when I feel I need to work something out, good or bad in my life. I can turn to art, writing, designing something, etc. It’s a really great way to feel balanced, even if doing it privately and never sharing, I still get the same sense of freedom of expression and release. It runs through my veins and it just feels good to be a creator.

Can you describe your typical workflow / artistic process when you’re working on your art?

Most times I just shoot from the hip. I don’t really ever have a process, I want more than anything for my muse to speak to me and I do anything to not get in the way of that process. It’s hard to explain, it’s very meditative.  I am much more methodical with projects than I am with art.

What is your personal favorite artwork from your portfolio and why?

I think right now its "La Sociedad Secreta" for the Caja show at 423 West being put on by the wonderful Christopher Umana. The work just speaks to me right now, at this very moment. As, always though, that will change in about 5 min. I am always finding a new connection with new and old works.

Where do you see yourself in the future? Professionally, what’s your goal?

My goal is to keep doing what I am doing, and to be able to do it forever. I hope to keep putting projects together with other artists, making new bonds, learning from my mistakes, and making great strides to be a better artist and person. I like to make goals, but I also love to see where the path takes me as I lean into the wind.

Thank you dear Aunia for an interview and dear readers, please stay tuned, the second part of this interview is coming soon, very very soon ;-)