Interview with pop surreal artist Sergio Mora

Hello dear Sergio, please, tell us how did you find the artist inside you? How long have you been doing art? Is art something that you always wanted to do?
I am drawing and painting since I was a kid. My generation grew up on a culture of television. As a kid I was painting and drawing while I was watching television and reading comics. My paintings are a result of those moments. I guess that the next generation will be growing up on internet.
What was / is your main influences? Other artists, books, movies, music or other means .... What inspires you to create your artwork?
I am inspired by everything. Today we are receiving information everywhere. When I started to make art, I was inspired by artist like Frida Kahlo, Magritte, Bosco, cinema, comics, music, etc. Later on I found inspirative artists like Mark Ryden or Clayton Brothers. Today I am finding inspiration somewhere else, in Memphis group or Russian Constructivism, artists such Abraham Lacalle, Raimond Petibon, Eduardo Arroyo, Manuel Ocampo, Philip Guston .. or cartoonists like Charles Burns or Daniel Clowes. The list would be endless. The influence is never static.
How does "a normal day of artist" in your life look like?
I spend most of my time in my studio which I am sharing with my girlfriend. I get up in the morning and go to my studio. Then I go for a lunch and return back to studio in the afternoon. As in any other job, every day is different due to variation of different projects - I migh paint or do illustration one day and other day I can preparing for an exhibition, I can work on a book next day or on a custom advertising...
What’s your background? Are you self-taught artist or did you study art? Do you think an art education is important or imperitive for anybody wishing to be an artist? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages that you have encountered throughout your career with/without the formal training of the Art Academy?
I studied at the school of applied arts Llotja in Barcelona, but I have been taking classes in drawing since childhood. You can learn a lot through formal training, especially techniques, but there is always a room for self-taugh studying to find your own niché and preferred tools. But the techniques should not be above the expression.
What fascinates you the most about pop surrealism?

Pop surrealism broke the barriers - it is a movement uniting art and illustration and gets the trade of painter and draftsman after a long dominance of abstract art. Warhol broke the barrier between high and low culture. But this prejudice continues today and it is called "lowbrow" (low culture) to surreal pop art. I think we should break the prejudice again. It is a new pop but in today's world can no longer be a distinction between high and low culture. Everything is culture, everything is pop, although contexts change.
("Typical Spanglish" 2010 at A&D Gallery, Barcelona. Photo by La Mary Posa)
What do you love most about creating and being an artist? What does “being creative” mean to you?
Work. Working ideas. I am interested in artists who are evolving and taking risks. Those who are able to sell what they do, not to do what sells good. I think in recent years the style confused with boredom. Many artists are repeating thousand times a painting that is working to create a defined and limited product. I am interested in artists who are not afraid to change and evolve. My biggest influence are artists like David Bowie, Picasso, etc. I like how Clayton Brothers has evolved.
Which creative medium would you love to pursue but haven’t yet?
I would love to make movies. But I have not studied it and for self-taught it is very complex. I have done some stuff but video is a very difficult world. It´s only a dream.
What toughest challenges have you faced as an artist during your art career? What is the biggest lesson you have learned so far?
The worst what happened to me was creative blocks. At those moments I feel desoriented and dizzy. But I guess that getting lost is the only way to evolve, to encontar and reinvent yourself. In the creative way the chaos and order is so important.

What’s the best and worst advice you ever received in your art career?
The best advice I have received was: Don´t be afraid, be consistent and work hard. I do not remember the worst advice anymore.

What do you dislike about the art world? What is the hardest thing on being an artist? Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?
I dislike the fact that all depends on the fashionism. You always have to deal with prejudice and sometimes it is not the quality but the sheer trends that are valued.
The most difficult thing in the world of art is to find your place, your context. To find the right people to work with and evolve.
The artistic life is lonely and I guess it must be. I started to prefer solitude because I am every day more selective about people whom I give my energy and time. I think this happens with the age.
Where do you see yourself in the future? Professionally, what’s your goal?
I wish my painting evolves and finds a language that allows me to work in a large format freeform. I like to feel and transmit complete freedom with my painting and that the market allows.

Do you have any tips or inspiring words for others? Maybe advice for beginning artists out there?
Work and persist.

What are you doing when you’re not creating? What (other) hobbies do you have?
I like the most to watch movies. I also like going to museums and traveling.

Do you have an online portfolio or a blog where we can view your work?

Is there anything else you’d like to say? Is there any project you are working on right now or any ongoing event or exhibition you would like to share with our readers?
Now I am working with Galerie Miquel Alzueta, in October in Spain I will publish a comic entitled "Rock Child" with Lunwerg publisher. And in 2015 I will discuss in the Parlor Gallery in New Jersey.
Thank you dear Sergio, it was a honor to interview you, I wish you only the best for you and your art and already looking forward to see your new visions and works :)
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