Corey Helford Gallery presents Luke Chueh´exhibition "Self-ish"

CHG Circa presents Luke Chueh’s new exhibi- tion, “Self-ish”, with 20 new pieces, including new works on paper. The opening reception for Luke Chueh will be hosted Saturday, October 11, 2014, from 7-10pm at CHG Circa. The reception is open to the public, and the exhibition is on view through November 8, 2014.

As a noted cute-surrealist painter, Luke Chueh’s own contrary impulses are personified in his work as cuddly animals that evoke comforting memories of childhood. Yet, these sweet-faced bears, bunnies, and monkeys are brutally forced into suffering the effects of the proverbial human condition. Murphy’s Law rules the world where Chueh’s wry, introspective characters live. Consequently, sex, murder, mutilation, and cause for vegetarianism abound. However macabre, we find ourselves in the subtle irony of his paintings among the simple color fields and textured line. Many times his blood red backgrounds serve as warnings that all is not what it seems or alter- natively as an emotional guide to the levels of our subconscious purgatory. “Self-ish” marks the last two “You Are What You Eat” paintings in Chueh’s 10-year, career-defining Bear series, as well as introduces new experimental works on paper.
“My work is an illustrative exploration of visual and narrative contrasts,” explains Chueh. “Drawing inspiration from comics and cartoons, my “cute/innocent” characters are juxtaposed into a world filled with addiction, ill- ness, misery, and loss.”