80Forty Gallery presents Lola Gil´s solo exhibition “The Younger”

LA-based fine artist Lola Gil is excited to announce her first solo gallery show since 2011, where she’ll display her latest work, two years in the making. “The Younger” pop-up show tells the story of her mental, physical and spiritual journey through art and life, and will run from December 13 through January 3 at the 80Forty Gallery on West 3rd Street in Los Angeles.

“The Younger” dreamily invites guests to draw their own inspirations from the art that delves into Lola’s young memories and her life’s muses, in the hopes each person can translate that into their own pleasant emotional journey. 

“I want people to stand in front of these paintings, and begin to feel inspired. To have some kind of spark or excitement,” Lola said. “To me it's very important to bring paintings to life through others eyes. I get adrenaline when I look at art that does this to me, so my hope is to pass that on. “

During the last two years of painting, the self-taught artist, who previously painted in mostly acrylic, challenged herself – adding oil painting to her repertoire. This experimentation has only strengthened Lola’s drive to create, and has added new dimension to this collection. Each piece has found a home in an antique, vintage or hand-built frame, each discovered or crafted by Lola. 

Since she was a child, Lola has been an artist, but what was once used as a very personal outlet, has now expanded into a gift that she’s been able to share with the world – and with her two daughters, who she has been able to support through her art alone for the last decade.

The pop-up gallery, which is open to the public, will provide collectors and art lovers alike the chance at owning and viewing a spectacular collection of beautifully ethereal imagery. Information about special events, including special print releases and artist signings to follow. 

To learn more about Lola Gil and to see behind the scenes, visit www.lolafineart.com or www.instagram.com/lolafineart


A self-taught artist, Lola Gil has been involved in the art industry since she was 13 years old. Her passion for the art world sparked from her father’s work as a cartoonist and local muralist, and she continues to pull much of her inspiration from his works today. Lola’s work has been featured in galleries around the world since 2001, and she’s collaborated with major brands like Hint Mint and Craola. She’s been published in a slew of media outlets, including: Hi Fructose, Bl!ss, Juxtapoz Magazine, LA Weekly, Lemonade and Inked, among others. For the past year, she’s been working diligently on new work, in new mediums, and the fruits of those efforts will be seen at The Younger Pop Up shop and gallery in December 2014 at the 80Forty Gallery in Los Angeles.