Corey Helford Gallery presents Soey Milk´exhibition "Sinvaro"

On Saturday, December 13, 2014, CHG Circa presents Soey Milk “Sinvaro” an exhibition of new paintings.

SINAVRO: a pure Korean word translated loosely to mean, “ To progress slowly, almost imperceptibly.” Soey Milk reveals the delicacy of growth in her new solo exhibition. In a presentation rife with contradictions, Soey exposes what it is to be human – for her – for now. The artist humbly admits to a gradual evolution, ignited by her Korean/American cultural dichotomy, but she invites the viewer to walk with her to discover the turbulence barely contained by the serene guardians in her works.

Soey’s flawless hostesses tempt the observer with a promise of calm, only to ensnare the unsuspecting. From the infiniteness of space, to monsters of Korean folklore, each piece greets sweetly but refuses to bid farewell, instead insidiously lingering. SINAVRO celebrates the artist’s budding willingness to be flawed, while maintaining her tendency to distract. It is with measured vulnerability that Soey offers a preview of her unhurried journey.
The opening reception for Soey Milk will be hosted Saturday, December 13, 2014, from 7-10pm at CHG Circa. The reception is open to the public, and the exhibition is on view through January 10, 2015.
Soey Milk

Born in 1989 in Seoul, Korea, Soey Milk moved to Southern California in the year 2000. Originally destined to become a ballerina, when Milk was introduced to drawing and painting she refocused her dedication. However, Milk’s interest in human anatomy remained, blossoming into her keen photorealistic style and unique composi- tion skill. Milk, a recent Art Center graduate, works mostly in watercolor and oils, noting that “blushing cheeks and corners of a mouth” are her favorite things to paint. Milk’s alter ego is UYU, the nom de plume for her popular erotic pen drawings, depicting girls and cats. Milk has shown in many group shows, and will be featured in the upcoming documentary “Temple of Art”. She lives and works in Hollywood, California.