Nero Gallery presents group exhibition “Creepy Christmas”

From the 20th of December till the 18th of January, Nero Gallery will present its Christmas collection, Creepy Christmas. Creepy creatures, funny gnomes and evil animals are just few of the monsters that come alive during Christmas giving the energy to the feast its evil and darkness. On one hand Christmas is a representation of peace and happiness, on the other hand it also hides its macabre and dark side. We would like to let emerge and discover the more cruel side of the December month, the side of demons and monsters. The collection consists 10 Italian and international artists who bring the opponent of the good Christmas to the light. Every artist interprets this darkness in his or her own way. With just one or two paintings they are able to represent the monstrous side of the most enchanted feast of the year. Their representations will be exciting and surprising, just like the spirit of the feast, by adding a hint of surprise.
Exhibiting artists: