Corey Helford Gallery presents group exhibition “Four”

On Saturday, February 14, 2015, Corey Helford Gallery presents “Four”, an exclusive group show showcasing some of CHG’s select talents, debuting new bodies of work created especially for CHG Circa.
While the four new contemporary artists chosen to participate in CHG’s “Four” exhibition are working with wildly diverse concepts and styles, a common theme arises among the finished paintings: unique depictions of environment. For example, Andrew Brandou’s series reveals a new dimension of the spiritual world, grounded by an ethereal, tattooed, buddha-like giant, and his everyman bunny apprentice. In her Los Angeles debut, Redd Walitzki explores the vast plain of female subconscious with her figurative, dreamlike landscapes, signifying the ticking time bomb of natural resource depletion. Surrealist Richard J. Oliver creates an envelope of beauty and joy with his dark fairytale narratives.

“I’m beginning to discover that many people are searching for a deeper and often spiritual richness, beyond what most commodities can offer,” explains Oliver. “I try to share a creative joy through my paintings with the hope that it is shared with the viewer”. Street art instigators, The London Police bring out the “Lads” and stir things up with graphic fun in space-like surroundings. TLP’s new paintings for the exhibit incorporate color along with their traditional black and white ink.
The opening reception for the artists of “Four” will be hosted Saturday, February 14, 2015, from 7-10pm at CHG Circa. The reception is open to the public, and the exhibition is on view through March 7, 2015.
Richard J. Oliver

Richard J Oliver, born in 1975 and raised in Wales, United Kingdom, studied Fine Art at the University of the West of England and undertook his Masters at UWIC in Wales. Oliver’s early work focused on his homeland, particularly the struggle of its youth trying to find identity in the aftermath of the local mining industry’s de- mise. Since becoming a parent, Oliver’s portraits have crossed into the dark, brooding world of Grimm’s fairy- tales and surrealistic subjects that help convey the emotion and tragedy that befalls our world’s children. Oli- ver’s solo exhibitions include the Museum of Modern Art, Wales. His paintings currently hang in Museums and public display throughout the UK and private collections worldwide. Oliver currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Andrew Brandou

Andrew Brandou graduated Otis Parsons school of Design, Los Angeles, with a BFA in 1990. He has worked as a fine artist, illustrator, and in the animation industry as an art director and producer. Brandou’s animation credits include The Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants, and Cosmos. He was art director for In The Realms
of the Unreal, a feature documentary about outsider artist Henry Darger. As an illustrator, Andrew’s work has appeared in publications worldwide, notably New Yorker magazine, Nickelodeon magazine, and Streetvirus. Andrews fine art career has garnered the attention of the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, Juxtapoz magazine, IdN, Swindle and Hi-Fructose. Books featuring Andrew’s work include, In the Land of Retinal Delights, Beasts!, and The Three Apples Exhibition Catalog honoring the 35th anniversary of Hello Kitty.
Redd Walitzki

Born in Germany, Redd Walitzki is an internationally exhibiting emerging-artist now based in Seattle. Her earliest memories are of painting at the kitchen table with her Grandfather, pulling forms of flowers and foxes out of the bright splashes of pigment. This initial passion led Walitzki to pursue a career as an artist, and Redd completed her B.F.A. from Cornish College of the Arts with a concentration in Painting. She can be found in her studio painting to BBC Documentaries, playing with her pet opossum, or chasing down the next strange adven- ture on her scooter.
The London Police

The London Police started when two English geezers moved from London to Amsterdam in 1998 to rejuvenate the visually disappointing streets of the drug capital of the world. Famous for their lovable & iconic ‘Lads’ char- acters which have been seen on streets all over the world. The ‘TLP’ members have come and gone, but now, after 10 years the two founding members have rejoined to bring together their unique styles in a strong collab- oration. While one artist’s skill at drawing a circle ‘freehand’ is staggering, no compasses, guides or masks are used. While the other, since his departure in 2004, has developed his own imagery, an architectural style of line drawing. In these playful fantasy cityscapes ‘the lads’ are constructed and move around freely, in turn helping to build further elements of the city. They wanted to create a place full of interaction between their circle drawing and line drawing.