Nero Gallery presents group exhibition “Nymphosis”

From the 30th of May to the 31st of July, 2015
Nero Gallery is turning one year old! We wish them happy first birthday! ♥
For their first anniversary, Nero Gallery present NYMPHOSIS a collective exhibition of 21 lowbrow and dark pop artists from France, Italy and Russia. Nymphosis is the series of intermediate processes that brings the larva to turn into nymph in the metamorphosis of insects. Caterpillars evolve in chrysalis: an hibernation that leads to the butterfly. This transformation process is the metaphor of the birth and the evolution of Nero Gallery. Twenty artists enter in symbiosis with a black world which each one represents making use of  different means of expression. These artists experiment starting from traditional painting to digital painting, from minimalist sculpture to the assembly of items recovered, till the dolls. The universe is dark but interpreted with multiple eyes: ironic, critical, sensual, naive. There is a strong presence of drawing that contrasts with the world of abstraction, symbolism in contrapposition with surrealism. Above all, there are obvious influences from masters like Giger, Hieronymus Bosch or even Beksinski.
Exhibiting artists:
Art by Sicioldr (Interview with artist on Oh, So Surreal here)
Art by Laurent Fievre
ShirrStone Shelter (Interview with duo artists on Oh, So Surreal here)