Danish surreal painter Dag Samsund

Dag Samsund is a Danish surreal painter born in 1949. He is educated at Royal Copenhagen as porcelain painter and artistic drawer. He has studied art doctrine at sculptor Henry Luckow-Nielsen and sculptor, painter and graphic artist Grethe Bagge. Dag started as a technical drawer after completing his apprenticeship and was later employed as an artistic drawer and product developer.

"I will try to give an insight into the pictorial universe, the world that I have been interested in since childhood. Back then it was mostly fairytales that created pictures in my mind. Later it was the colourful covers of the 60’s and 70’s music LPs, which were probably created with the help of
various substances and the craving for freedom of self-expression, freely, spontaneously, an inhibited and giving instincts and intuition free rein. It’s great to work with an idea and not know where it will lead me. My pictures are mainly fantasies, which more or less explore a grotesque, imaginary and surreal world. I draw the things I see in my mind’s eye, and these images I use in my paintings. I have also been inspired by looking at other pieces of art, especially those by the old masters Hieronymus Bosch and Bruegel. They are excellent storytellers. Their imaginative and symbolic worlds have always fascinated me, but also in this country, we have artists who practise this kind of painting, for example Jørgen Boberg (1940-2009), Carsten Svensson (1926-2011) and Claus Brusen (1960 -  ). Carsten Svensson has personally given me valuable tips for tempera painting. His character was warm and fascinating. Claus Brusen is a fiery soul, who  lends a wealth of knowledge and initiative to the world of imaginary art. I am privileged to be a part of it". - Dag Samsund

Dag had a vivid imagination when he was a child. His parents praised him for his drawings. He was very fascinated by the artist Hieronymus Bosch and his painting "Garden of Earthly Delights" and he wanted to paint like Hieronymus Bosch.
The artist starts the day with a large cup of coffee and goes into his studio to paint. His other great passion is his garden (as he calls it "My paradise") to gain some more inspiration for his beautiful art. All his inspiration comes from "Garden of Earthly Delights", women and his garden.

Dag´s preferred tools of trade are: wooden board primed with gray gesso drawn up with acrylic dark gray that colorizing with arcrylic or oil.

"These are the mediums that allow me to express what I want to express the best way." he says.

For Dag it is very liberating to explore the subconscious and the dreams. He is creating his own world. Creating is a therapy for him and it is making him more complete person. He hopes that people who see his paintings find them mysterious, inspiring and maybe even beautiful.

"Being creative is to forget time and place. You feel happy." said Dag.

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