Plastic Murs Gallery presents group exhibition "Mas Feos, Mas Brutos, Mas Cachondos "

Greasy and sweaty, fresh out of the garage, eight misfit artists running out to slap you in the face from the pristine gallery walls of Plastic Murs (Europe / Spain). A chance of reconciliation, contrast, bringing the Lowbrow canvases out to the street, shaking the underground cocktail diluted between tattoos and guitar solos, with cartoons, filthy disc covers and fanzines.
Don Rogelio J

Because the Lowbrow, although being such an outsider, cannot escape the stigma of its own label, which reaches even its name. The art of bad taste, hitting violently, direct to the liver, sour as a morning hangover. The brilliant cast Don Rogelio J, Gabi de la Merced, Ibie, Lluis Fuzzhound, Mik Baro, Roberto Arguelles Ramon Maiden and Rotor. Guys some with their body inked up like playbills of another era. Artists, yes, binge compulsively without depriving from any discipline, as Renaissance men in the Quattrocento which were not allowed out of the sewers.
Gabi de la Merced
Eight prominent names in the scene, dancing at ease in improvisation, in the sap of popular culture, but in the grimy streets where slashes are raffled. Bestiarios composed in disturbing portraits. Rocking the counter culture and shaking reflections, but always from the ditch, where few can see them.
Ramon Maiden
Dissolved between microphones, needles, illustrations and unpleasant cartoons walking alone on a tangent, it is a milestone to bring together the works of these eight pieces under one roof. They can no longer say they wandered alone among the ugliest, most gross and randiest of their time.
Opening September 18, 2015 / from 8PM - 10PM. The exhibition is on view through October 31, 2015 - Tuesday to Saturday 12 AM - 2 PM / 5PM - 9PM.