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For anything you might have on your mind, please, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail:

Art submission guidelines:
Submit your art or artworks of other artists you appreciate. When submitting, please, do not ignore our submission guidelines. 1.step: Before you submit anything, please, go through our website and blog to see what quality and style we usually accept. 2.step: Send us an e-mail. Write "Submission" in subject of your e-mail. In a body of your e-mail write name of artist and link to artist´s online portfolio. Artworks without credit to authors will be not accepted and published. You will receive an e-mail notification once your submission will be published. For extra exposure, you migh consider to post your art also in our communities. As we receive a lot of submissions on a daily basis, please, do not send us follow ups, we promise we read all e-mails. If the artwork or portfolio is a fit for our project, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Notice, submission does not guarantee your work will be featured on our sites. Also, approved submissions might take some time to become alive on our sites due to our always busy schedule. Thank you for understanding.

Exhibitions submission guidelines:
Are you an artist, art curator, art agent, gallery owner, etc? Advertise for free with us! Feel free to send us your official press releases for your exhibitions via e-mail. We accept only well professional written press releases as for now we are only able to publish "ready-made" press releases due to a limited stuff member team working on volunteer base on this project. Please, only exhibitions related to surrealism, pop surrealism, contemporary art and lowbrow art. Thank you for understanding and we are looking forward to build a good and long term relationships with you. All press releases will be published under the blog category "Exhibitions".

Become a partner:
Are you an artist or are you running some interesting creative project / art website? Become a partner of Oh, So Surreal! It´s free! Exchange the banners (or links) with us. In case you are interested, please, send us an e-mail. Write "Partners" in subject of your e-mail. Send us your website´s link in a body of your e-mail together with a brief description of what is your website or project about. All banners of our partners will be featured in section "Partners". We are offering you technical support - we can create your banner for our site and also customize Oh, So Surreal banner, so it will perfectly match the design of your site. Thank you and we are looking for partnering with you!
Thank you very much for your submissions and e-mails